Course Description:

This 6-week workshop, "Hindsight Is 2020," aims to create a published anthology about 2020.  Writers will submit (up to) a 10-page story for peer and editor review.  During the 6 weeks, writers will work communally and use feedback to revise their work for publication in a professionally published course anthology.  At the end of the course, writers will receive author copies, royalties, and be a part of a book launch hosted by two Philadelphia publishers, Toho Publishing and The Head & The Hand.

Additionally, in many ways, this is a course in revision.  We will consider the essential elements of storytelling (character, setting, plot, conflict and theme) and how to strengthen these elements as you revise a story about 2020.  We’ll start by reviewing story structure and the value of a clear beginning, middle, and end.  From there, our focus will shift to improving character development, examining the conflicts and motivations that drive your characters and influence plot and dialogue.  Finally, we’ll consider ways to enhance theme in your stories.

Through in-class discussions, assigned readings, and occasional writing exercises, we’ll develop a shared vocabulary, one that can be used to discuss each other’s stories in a constructive, supportive workshop environment.  By offering one another useful feedback, the goal is to revise our stories for potential publication.

Please note that while we wish to publish every class member in our anthology, publication is not guaranteed and will be dependent on the work produced.

Instructor's Bio:

Quinn D. Eli grew up in the Bronx, NY, and lives now in Philadelphia. A playwright, fiction writer, and essayist, he is the co-author of Homecoming: The Story of African-American Farmers, a companion volume to the PBS film. His short plays have appeared in Best American Ten-Minute Plays and been produced throughout the country, and he has published both fiction and nonfiction in Essence, Black Warrior Review, and the Philadelphia Inquirer. The two-time recipient of Fellowships in Literature from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Eli teaches English, Creative Writing, and Theater at the Community College of Philadelphia.

Course Fee: $300

Services included in this fee: 

  • 6-week workshop with developmental edits
  • Copyediting and proofreading
  • Finalized manuscript
  • Inclusion in a published anthology
  • 3 author copies
  • Royalties
  • Distribution
  • Launch party


We're offering 4 need-based scholarships for this course (2 full scholarships, 2 partial scholarships).  Preference will be given to communities who have been disproportionately impacted by the two pandemics in our country, COVID-19 and systemic racism.

While you don’t need to have been published before or have a degree in writing, this course is intended for emerging and established writers who are serious about their craft.  You don’t need to have a piece already written about 2020, but you will be expected to have written one soon after the class begins.  Please upload a 2-4 page sample of your writing.

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